Standard and Common Packages

Below describes the typical systems that you can invest in for alternative power solutions, and many systems can have additional items added to increase the wattage overall.

An Integrated System

An Integrated power system would consist of using both alternative energy plus using energy from the local power company:

Stand Alone System

A Stand Alone system is separated from the local power company and in some cases feed power back into the grid. These systems usually consist of the following items:

Small Cottage System

Daily average of 1kw. to 2kw.

  • 100 to 200 watts of solar panels
  • 2 deep cycle batteries
  • voltage regulator
  • small inverter


Lights Television      

Medium Systems

Daily average of 2kw. to 5kw.

  • 400 to 800 watts of solar panels
  • 4 deep cycle batteries
  • voltage regulator
  • large inverter


Lights Television Fridge    

Large Systems

Daily average of grater than 10kw

  • Solar panels (800 to 2000 watt) and/or
    wind power as needed to produce
    needed ks/hours.
    voltage regulator
    large inverter
  • back up generator
  • sine wave inverter


Lights Television Fridge Stereo Water Pump